Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sometimes gun owners impress me

The other day I was pointing out how gun owners can be complete fuckwads and eat their own, but today I was pleased to see that less judgmental gun owners can be extremely generous.

The gun owner I was defending in the first link carries a Smith & Wesson Sigma pistol, which some folks commented was a giant piece of shit and that he should just not carry it. The more logical commenters defended his pistol choice, and several have even gone as far as to provide the capitol for the OP's (Assault-Rifle-City) choice of handgun from a local FFL. Mr. Assault-Rifle-City is currently on active duty protecting our country, so the offer is especially warranted. Others are chipping in to provide ammo and holsters and stuff.

A success story, if you ask me. Good hearted gun owners not only came to his defense, they helped him overcome a major financial hurdle in the acquisition of a new handgun.

Thanks for your service, Assault-Rifle-City!
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