Monday, July 11, 2011

Good movie gunfight

Everyone loves the big shootout in the movie HEAT, and of course there's the "Yo homey, is that my briefcase" scene from the movie Collateral, and now I find a clip from the movie Sinners & Saints, which I had never heard of ***NSFW Language***:

There's some damn good gunplay in there -- urban prone; Old style Springfield Operator reloads; Krink reloads; bad guy shooting indiscriminately; hot hostage chick; Aimpoints & C-Mores; Beretta Storms -- there's something for everyone.

Found in ARFCOM General Discussion.


Daddy Hawk said...

For once...just once...I'd like to see Hollywood actually get it right in a gunfight involving cars used as cover. How many times has it been proven that cars don't magically stop bullets (except maybe the engine block)?

Unknown said...

Hollyweird will get it right the same time they learn that a 1911 is carried with the hammer thingy to the rear. . . .

At least in HEAT the rounds the bad guys were shooting were shown to go through the police cruiser, but they made fist sized holes for some reason.

Broken Andy said...

That'll get the blood pumping.

While the car being used for cover is a problem, I have a harder time with the black cops pointing at the end of the scene. He is obviously looking over the top of his pistol and it is aiming low with the front sight noticably dipped. Given the distance, it looks like he'd strike the victim or the pavement.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the bulletproof car.

Also, the black cop hiding behind the corner of the house would have been all done too.

that corner may have stopped the handgun rounds (probably not, but maybe) but definitely wouldn't have stopped rifle rounds.

It may have just been fragments getting through, and not at full velocity, but he wouldn't have come out of that unscathed.