Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Barrels, bullets, and other things

I got word that the Les Baer barrel for my MK12 Mod 0 build has been completed by ADCO and is in the mail. I had to correspond with Steve, who works there, to give him the details of what I was looking for. They had my barrel for just over a week before completing the work and sending back out, which is impressive.

I need a few more parts to finish the build, but have run out of funding for the time being. I do have pictures of the upper being fitted to the lower, as well as some Alumahyde coating pics. When I get the barrel I will take some more and put up a post.

Now that I'm back to carrying the Glock, I'm going to upgrade my carry ammo from Black Hills 124 grain +P to probably Federal's 147 grain +P HST. They are more affordable than the Black Hills, and use better bullet technology than the XTP which is made by Hornady. I think that I'm going to holster shop for the 1911 for AIWB; for the moment, the Glock is set up for it and the Zack holster is working well; but while I shoot the Glock fine and all, I don't shoot it nearly as well as I do a 1911. It takes more effort to put rounds exactly where I want them to go in a hurry. I am way more practiced with the 1911, and can manufacture my own ammo for almost nothing, which is another bonus. I'm on Custom Carry Concepts' email list for a Shaggy holster when they start making them again in the fall, but I might look for something for my Kimber and give that a whirl, too.

Also, I may drop off the radar for a few days -- just giving you a little heads up. My annual allotment of responsibility is about to go up by 25% any day now, and I'll give a report on that when it goes down. I can't wait. Hopefully by then I will have all the rest of my Mod 0 parts and can sneak out of the house for some well deserved time at the range.


Broken Andy said...

I'm interested in your build when you are done.

And as for the 25% additional responsibility, I pray for you. I have half that and they drive me crazy. I hope you keep your sanity.

Unknown said...

It can be tough sometimes, but as you know it's worth it.

I'm crossing my fingers at having this build done in two weeks. There are lots of extra doodads that will take a long time to get, but the actual rifle should be humming along soon.

Broken Andy said...

2 weeks you say... Hmmm....