Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Barrels, bullets, and other things

I got word that the Les Baer barrel for my MK12 Mod 0 build has been completed by ADCO and is in the mail. I had to correspond with Steve, who works there, to give him the details of what I was looking for. They had my barrel for just over a week before completing the work and sending back out, which is impressive.

I need a few more parts to finish the build, but have run out of funding for the time being. I do have pictures of the upper being fitted to the lower, as well as some Alumahyde coating pics. When I get the barrel I will take some more and put up a post.

Now that I'm back to carrying the Glock, I'm going to upgrade my carry ammo from Black Hills 124 grain +P to probably Federal's 147 grain +P HST. They are more affordable than the Black Hills, and use better bullet technology than the XTP which is made by Hornady. I think that I'm going to holster shop for the 1911 for AIWB; for the moment, the Glock is set up for it and the Zack holster is working well; but while I shoot the Glock fine and all, I don't shoot it nearly as well as I do a 1911. It takes more effort to put rounds exactly where I want them to go in a hurry. I am way more practiced with the 1911, and can manufacture my own ammo for almost nothing, which is another bonus. I'm on Custom Carry Concepts' email list for a Shaggy holster when they start making them again in the fall, but I might look for something for my Kimber and give that a whirl, too.

Also, I may drop off the radar for a few days -- just giving you a little heads up. My annual allotment of responsibility is about to go up by 25% any day now, and I'll give a report on that when it goes down. I can't wait. Hopefully by then I will have all the rest of my Mod 0 parts and can sneak out of the house for some well deserved time at the range.
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