Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DCs defacto gun ban

Since the only licensed gun dealer in DC has moved on, there's no way for a DC resident to buy a firearm because of federal law. A Bill written to have the DC government stand in as a gun dealer until the day someone can open up a shop has been withdrawn.

It does sound like the DC Mayor is trying to get one store open in the area, and hopefully this will be followed by several more. Choices are good.

Letting my imagination run wild, can you imagine the gun store commandos that would be in a government run gun shop? Or how about the speed and efficiency that you could expect in doing the paperwork? A government gun dealer probably wouldn't have stock on hand though; they would just do transfers. Oh, but how awesome would it be if DC was forced to sell handguns to its citizens!!! Talk about a watershed moment!
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