Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Season 3 of Deadliest Warrior

I watched it last night (somehow amidst the roar of the kids) -- a matchup between George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte. I thought they did a good job. Whether I agree with the show's logic or results is not that important to me; it's excellent entertainment. Watching crews fire a cannon at anatomically correct targets is friggin' cool, and getting a glimpse of cavalry tactics via sumdude shish-kabobbing a bleeding man made torso with a replica of Washington's sword is too awesome to miss.

Overall I can agree with their assessment between the two generals. I gave my hat tip as far as strategy and tactics to Napoleon, and I favored Washington for his strong leadership. The show also assesses other points that make a big difference, like logistics and training. This stuff can make or break an army, so it's important to give it some consideration.

The weapons were almost a tossup because they were both along the same timeline. After watching the show, I want a cannon of my very own to shoot in the backyard for fun. I see them from time to time on trailers towed by my fellow Virginians; maybe I'll follow the next one I see into a gas station and chat up the owner!

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