Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fictitious guns save lives

I am in contact with the LGBT unit of the police department to file a report. But I’ve thought a lot about the turning point of the situation — the fact that one of them thought that I might have a gun. None of them said, “There’s a law against antigay hate crimes!” That wasn’t the deterrent. It was the possibility that I might have had a gun that saved my life Friday night.
I admit that I chuckled a bit at that line. Good for him that he didn't get his head kicked in; he was fortunate. Scumbags know that laws can be broken without too much of a problem; but that part about getting a hole punched through their head by their victim -- that is a deterent, now isn't it!

H/T to The Agitator


Broken Andy said...

One of the defendants in Heller was a gay man who carried a gun illegally in DC and had to use it in 1982 to defend himself from a gang beat-down. That guy is currently the lead defendant in the suit against DC to allow lawful carry.

Drew said...

hells yeah! good for him!