Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Varmint piercing bullets

So I'm all happy joy joy now that I have found reloading components for my rifles. I had almost run out of Sierra Matchkings in all sizes, and I had pretty much given up on finding large rifle primers.

This weekend I found all of that and then some. The large rifle primers were a particularly satisfying buy considering I only had about forty primers left. In reading various forums on reloading stuff it's no wonder why. I read stories from guys who complain about not being able to find primers because all the morons are "panic buying," but then in the same sentence they will say that Gander Mountain got a shipment in so they went and sold their wife's car and bought the whole damn pallet "just in case."

Thanks for that.

Fortunately, I'm way too busy in life to be able to shoot competitively, so by the time I'm ready I shouldn't have to buy any rounds for a season or two. For the time being, I will just have to spend time smoking groundhogs with my meticulously handmade cartridges that punch such neat little holes at distance.

Last night I got my spread set up to make 52 grain Sierra Matchkings, and after that I will kick out some 55 grain Hornady V-Max for the above mentioned groundhogs. Soon I will be turning out .308 Winchester as fast as possible, and hopefully do some load development if I can find some new cases. Time will tell.

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