Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anti-aircraft gun seized in Mexico

Reported by FOX News -

I'm waiting for ABC News to pick up on it and use sockpuppet ATF Agent Bill Newell to parrot how it was bought at a US gun show. Perhaps they will even give a Virginia Tech survivor $75,000 to buy one.

Update: Michael W. from Doin' the Time Warp (on the blogroll, too) in comments points to a post at Lagniappe's Lair who notes that the super deadly "Anti-aircraft gun" is actually a .30 caliber Browning 1919A4 machine gun, not a .50 caliber, and definitely not anti-aircraft. But guess what? It was built in the US many moons ago, so it qualifies as "coming from the US."

More proof that the media is full of shit.


Michael W. said...

Hey Ctone,

Check this out, more on the "AA" gun.

Anonymous said...

Actually there was an M2 HB shown as well that you can see from the 3rd photo in the slideshow. The improvised gun shield looks like it was setup to defend a fixed position.