Monday, April 27, 2009

Mayor Bloomberg needs to keep his psychos in NYC

Maybe Virginia should set up a sting operation to catch these crazies before they get into our state and start shooting people.

Fortunately, the shooter was a piss poor shot, so there were no fatalities, but bask in the comfort of knowing that the University president was on the scene mere minutes after the shooting. It is not known if he would have been able to stop the shooter before he shot himself:
Hampton President William R. Harvey, who said he arrived within 15 minutes of the shooting, told a news conference the campus shooting could have been much worse.
"I think we are very, very fortunate. This could have been another — you fill in the blank," Harvey said.
Indeed. So what are you doing about it that would make the students on campus safe?

Hopefully it's not putting up more signs.

Update: It looks as though we have another campus wide text message fail. This report of the shooting at CNN puts the shooter as entering the building "shortly before 1 a.m.," but the first article I linked to said the messages went out at 2 a.m. with some students claiming they didn't get the message until 2:30 a.m.

It took around an hour and a half for students to get the alert. During that substantial period of time, what kind of device could any one of those students have that would protect them from such a madman, if such devices weren't prohibited on campus?

Funny thing is that Hampton University Police Chief Leroy Crosby believes "that each individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own personal safety, by learning and practicing basic safety and security precautions that we emphasize here at the University." I can't seem to find such life saving precautions on their website, other than pure luck, that would have helped the two people who the gunman shot.

It looks to me like the precautions that he has emphasized are not that effective.

Update: Over at The Sentinel, SailorCurt has a post on the shooting that mocks the absurd idea that the "no weapons allowed" rules actually gives a gunman a moments pause before he starts shooting. Go check it out.


Anonymous said...

So you have a source for that quote from the Hampton University Police Chief? That's a good one and I'd like to use it on VCDL Blog if it can be supported with a cite.


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Oops...I meant "DO you have a source..."

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Sure do, and please post it on The Sentinel.

Things like this need to get some airtime -


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I didn't realize that I forgot to post that link.

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Thanks, my friend.