Friday, April 10, 2009

Define "accomplished"

The murderous scumbag that shot up the immigrant services center is being described as an "accomplished marksman."

Funny, I thought that to be accomplished at something, you had to have legitimate standing within a community of others that are also accomplished in the same subject. Applied to shooting, that would mean that the scumbag in question would had to have competed against shooters of known excellence and came out the winner.

Apparently these days, all it takes to become accomplished in something is to brag:
Wong was an "accomplished marksman" who frequented a shooting range in Binghamton, the chief said, and he bragged to others that he had fired more than 10,000 rounds.
No word on the amount of trophies or citations that he collected from beating the best shooters around. Also, it seems that New York needs to toughen its body armor laws:
Wong also was wearing body armor when he went on his spree, and since New York limits body armor purchases to law enforcement, "We're looking into that," Zikuski said.

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mike's spot said...

sickening act, sickening presentation. Don't give the bastard one inch of accolade, especially ones he never earned.