Thursday, April 9, 2009

DC officials all pissed about guns

Not infringing on a citizens right to bear arms is too much for them to handle.

There are three articles in the Washington Post between yesterday and today on this matter, so here is a roundup:

Fear of new regs drives gun, ammo shortage: There is much yammering about the anti-gun Obama administration; you have to get to the very end of the article to get the rest of the reason why gun and ammo sales are brisk.

DC attorney general decries gun amendment: Just check out the opening sentence! Yes, DC AG Peter Nickles actually thinks that DC's infringing gun laws actually stop terrorists, and that because the terrorists used box cutters to hijack commercial airliners and crash them into buildings that DC needs to have a ban on semi-automatic rifles. That's some logic!!

D.C. Gun Exception Alarms Md. Officials: Disingenuous. Maryland lawmakers aren't "alarmed" over safety issues, they're concerned about who's going to pay the salary for the cops who have to do the background checks, and the costs of implementing a system. Hey guys, how about you just sell DC residents guns without a background check! That solves the problem! What, it's not like scumbags in DC have any problem getting their hands on a firearm anyways, so why bother with making it a giant pain in the ass for law abiding citizens?

The whole gnashing of teeth over gun laws is kind of hilarious. DC wants to be recognized just like any other state, but they don't want to honor the rights of their citizens. Sorry, you can't have it both ways. Really, they can't have it their way at all considering the Constitutional issues at stake, and the real problem is that they don't give a damn about their citizens in the first place.

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