Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DC scared of mass shootings?

Eleanor Holmes Norton, in a breathtaking display of ignorant foresightedness, actually believes that if DC stops shitting on citizen's right to bear arms that mass shootings will occur in the District!

No, really.
"In only the 25 days between March 10 and April 5, 53 people have been killed in mass murders by gunmen," Norton said in a release. "Yet, members of the House and Senate have not looked at the gun amendment, but have regarded it as just another routine attachment to a local D.C. bill. The bill would eliminate all local gun laws, making the city, including official Washington, more open to gun violence than any of the jurisdictions where the mass killings have occurred in March and April."
As if DC has not been open to mass killings all this time. It's only in the renowned strength of the imaginary powers of DC gun law that the violent masses have been restrained from getting firearms and killing so many people that they're piled six-by-six in the road.


This is specifically why DC citizens don't deserve representation in Congress, aside from the Constitutional specifics. When citizens elect representatives of the caliber of Eleanor Holmes Norton, they are not far from destruction.

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