Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hypocrisy at it's finest

Tim Kaine must not be interested in re-election.

Vetoing a stack of pro gun bills, most of which passed with a two thirds majority in both the House and Senate, he shows how out of touch with reality he is with Virginians.

From his statements on his reasoning for the vetoes, it's obvious that he didn't bother to read the bills. Not only that, but he vetoed the bill that would allow Virginians with a CCW to carry concealed in a restaurant that serves alcohol:
"Allowing concealed weapons into restaurants and bars that serve alcohol puts the public, the employees, and our public safety officers at risk. I take seriously the objections of law enforcement to this measure."
First off, Virginia doesn't have "bars." All establishments in Virginia that serve alcohol that is consumed on premise also serve food, which makes them restaurants. You can carry openly in Applebees, and you can consume alcohol. Legally. This bill would make it illegal to drink while carrying your concealed firearm, so how does it put the public at risk? Now, say you're out shopping with your wife and decide to swing into Olive Garden for lunch, how does your wife open carry her firearm if she carries in her purse? Tuck it into her waistband? What if she's wearing a dress? Should she carry it in her hand? What do you do if you're carrying in an ankle holster?

That, my friends, is an infringement.

Second, Governor Kaine is a flat out hypocrite considering he signed Senate Bill 776 into law last year which allows Commonwealth Attorneys permitless carry of a firearm concealed or otherwise anywhere they damn well please, to include schools and restaurants which serve alcohol, and all that without any training whatsoever. So it's all fine and dandy for the people on his payroll, but it's unsafe for us mere citizens. Got that?

Next up is this statement on the veto of SB 1528:
"The state requires an applicant for a concealed weapons permit to take a written safety test to demonstrate that the individual understands how to use a weapon in a safe manner. Allowing the testing to be done online would weaken the ability of the Commonwealth to determine who is actually taking the test and open up opportunities for individuals to receive a permit under fraudulent circumstances with no guarantee that they can use a weapon safely."

That's the first I've ever heard of a written safety test to get your CCW training. It seems that he has his facts wrong, and again I don't think he bothered to read the bill.

Considering that Virginians love their firearms, and also considering that Kaine won the election on a small margin, he might want to reconsider shitting on the people who he wants votes from.

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Anonymous said...

Kaine couldn't care less about the voters. VA governors are limited by law to one term. Besides, since he is also the chairman of the DNC, and as chief waterboy for Obama and Holder, he cannot afford any smudges on his resume that would taint his reputation with the gun grabber-in-chief.