Thursday, June 19, 2008


I normally refrain from posts that deal with political stuff, but Obama is saying shit that makes me think that this country is not long for this world if he were to be elected.

Obama said he wouldn't discuss what approach he would take to bring bin Laden to justice if he were apprehended. But he said the Nuremberg trials for the prosecution of Nazi leaders are an inspiration because the victors acted to advance universal principles and set a tone for the creation of an international order.

Now I know he is talking about how he would handily "bring Osama Bin-Laden to justice" (snicker; why didn't anyone think of this before?), but the fact is that this man, like Kerry, would gladly felate the UN in order to bring "international order" to the US.

What, like this kind of international order? The US doesn't need that sort of order. Thanks though.

On top of that, he casts away people who have been helping the president prosecute a war because:

"I refuse to be lectured on national security by people who are responsible for the most disastrous set of foreign policy decisions in the recent history of the United States," Obama said in opening remarks that in part referred to the Iraq war.
Awesome! So because your an elitist, you won't take any advise from those who have been there and done that, and have mistakes and lessons learned to show for it? Who, pray tell, does he get his advise from?

He stood in front of 17 American flags and a sign that said "Judgment to Lead." He was surrounded by national security experts who had formerly served in Congress and the Clinton administration and will be advising his campaign — an effort to bring foreign policy experience to a candidate who has served just three years in Congress.
That Clinton's administration was filled with experienced experts is laughable. I'm not a fan of McCain either, but Obama can't really lecture a man who's not only served, fought, and bled in a war, but is actually trying to win it instead of forfeiting because he doesn't know what it's like to be shot at and still succeed.

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