Monday, June 30, 2008

A non-hysterical news segment on firearms!

It even includes real facts and stuff.

They first note that DC is putting together a handgun registry, but that DC residents still can't get firearms, including handguns, because they don't have guns stores in the district. Federal law says that a state resident has to buy a gun from a FFL in their own state, and since there are only three FFL's in the district, the Brady Campaign holding one of them, DC residents have to wait until gun stores wade through the red tape and can open up.

If Mayor Fenty and his ilk try to keep FFLs from being issued, they very well may end up with another suit on their hands as fed-up citizens dismantle their little anti-gun playhouse brick-by-brick.

The video notes that it is a felony to buy an out of state firearm unless it's transferred through a local FFL.

I know. You mean there are strict federal laws in place with serious consequences for obtaining a firearm illegally? That's not what the Brady Campaign to Prevent Self Defense has been saying for the last 20 years. I thought teddy bears were more regulated than guns (no link intentionally)?

Who knew? They even call this federal law what it is: a defacto gun ban. Hopefully this pointless law will be on the chopping block in the near future.

Anyways, the piece has an interview with the owner of Engage Armament, a Maryland gun store, and his daughter. He recommends a shotgun for home defense, and also has a variety of different gun locks for those with kids.

Weird huh? A gun store owner recommending a safety device as a choice for consumers. He even says that education is the key to safety, and not a device. His daughter backs him up by saying that education kept her from being curious about firearms as a child.

All this in one news report? You bet.

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