Friday, June 20, 2008

Guns don't cause suicide

Apparently hydrogen sulphide does.
From January to May this year, close to 520 people committed suicide using hydrogen sulphide gas. There were only 30 cases involving the gas in the same period in 2007, the report showed.
This is in Japan. It is interesting to note that Russia and Japan have the high suicide rates, and they're known as being almost completely disarmed. That doesn't seem to stop those who are bound and determined to end their lives:
Japan, which has the second-highest suicide rate in the Group of Eight nations after Russia according to the World Health Organisation, has also been trying to tackle the root of the problem.
The "root of the problem" is not the method, but the mentality. The Brady Campaign likes to note that in the US, "30,000 people are killed annually by guns," which includes the 17,000+ who kill themselves with firearms, but they never concede to that. The mentality is that without a gun, people would be less likely to kill themselves. I disagree.

People who intend to kill themselves know very well that a gunshot to the head or jumping off of a bridge is permanent, and that eating 30 Tylenol probably won't be. There will always be a means, so focusing on the method is pointless.

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