Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh! The horror!

Parents of minors allowing their kids to drink alcohol? That's just insane! Everyone knows that kids should be kept in the dark about alcohol so that they will never become curious and learn to drink from the local homeless guy in alleyway behind the Piggly Wiggly.

And when this article (and possibly the study) says "drinking," they actually mean "getting hammer drunk" because parents exercise no restraint when it comes to actually taking the time to teach life lessons to their young. Parents don't have the common sense to let their kids have a Miller Light or two so that they get the taste (pun intended) of what social drinking is all about, and instead opt to give their kids overwhelming doses of booze every time. The solution, of course, is probably government control of some sort, although that is not in the article.
About one out of five of those aged 12 to 20 -- or roughly 7.2 million people -- said they had taken part in binge drinking, defined as consuming five or more drinks on at least one occasion in the past month, the survey said. Rates were significantly higher if they lived with a parent who engaged in binge drinking.

How many of those 7.2 million people who binge drink learned how by hanging out with the homeless guy? And I'm sorry, but one does not become responsible enough to drink on some arbitrary day that some congressman thinks up, nor does one earn responsibility from "abstinence" from the hard stuff, or anything for that matter. Responsibility is something that proper parenting can prepare you for, so this alarmism is ridiculous.
Over half of current underage alcohol users were at someone else's home when they had their last drink, while 30.3 percent were in their own home.

I would rather my kids learn to drink responsibly under my supervision at my home than to learn to binge drink at college from a guy earning a career education. It really blows some people away that parents want to teach their 18 year old some self control and let them drink in the safety of their home. Maybe parents should just ignore it or tell them that "it's just bad, m'kay, so don't so it" since that has worked out so well for sex and drugs. I'm not saying to give your kids drugs or supervise their first sexual encounter before sending them off to college, but it's freaking alcohol, not heroin. Think letting the state teach your kids about drunk driving is a good thing?

I think parenting in America is going down the toilet because too many people are scared of actually disciplining or teaching their kids lessons in life. Instead they let the school systems or the courts parent their kids, and that is turning out to be really dangerous.

Grow up and take back control over your kids lives.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! 100% correct, and I agree with every word! My parents allowed me to drink socially with them in our home from sixteen and onwards. When I turned twenty-one, I didn't go apeshit like so many others do, because alcohol simply wasn't a big deal to me. There is nothing wrong with teaching your children to drink responsibly.

There needs to be more parents like you in the world.