Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nice cache ya got there!

So the scumbag who went on a stabbing spree after crashing into a crowd of people with a rented truck in Japan had a "cache" of knives:
TOKYO - Investigators searching the apartment of the suspect in a bloody Tokyo rampage found evidence Tuesday he bought a small cache of knives and other weapons just before the assault, police said.

So does that mean that if I buy several cars, and I use one to plow into a crowd to cause as much death as I can, that I would have purchased a "cache of motor vehicles?" It would seem that the truck was pretty much as lethal as the knives:

Three people were killed by the impact of the truck, four died from stab wounds and another 10 were injured, police said. Kato, blood spattered on his face and clothes, was arrested on the spot.

As I've said before, guns do not enable mass killing. The mind of a scumbag is all that is needed.

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