Monday, June 16, 2008

Lots of shooting in DC last week.

Somehow I missed this last week, but it would seem that the Metro police blockades did absolutely nothing at all towards stopping violence, but it did manage to piss off the country. Great work.

To reflect on this recent insanity, let's have a recap:

In "Gun Free" DC, there are 9 shootings in one weekend.
Chief Lanier decides that an unconstitutional neighborhood blockade will stop the killing.
10 people are shot throughout the following week.

So what was accomplished? To me it looks like a bunch of bureucratic posturing, with no real idea of how to actually stop crime. Here's your dose of stupid for today:

Tommy Thomas, who represents Ward 5 on the D.C. Council, said the checkpoints are only a start.

"Communities have a lot of issues that we're not dealing with in a holistic approach," he said. "I think a lot of our communities are resorting to violence because there's just a sense of frustration, a sense of lack of conflict resolution."

This idiot thinks that criminals sit around frustrated because they are unsure of how to sell heroine on Capitol Heights Blvd. without angering rival gangs! Gangbangers are killing everything in sight because they believe they have a superior sense of conflict resolution. The real problem is that peaceable DC residents lack a method of conflict resolution that matches the criminal element's.

How about a double dose of stupid:
"We're out there every Saturday, and it's pretty blatant," said the Rev. Carlos Williams. "There's no regard for police or fear. There is no fear in that neighborhood whatsoever."

Really? Well that settles it then. Chief Lanier should send all of the cops home, and everyone else should go outside at night and enjoy the cool breeze while petting puppies and singing hymns. Jackass!

The police sure as hell can't protect the citizen. That much is proven. Maybe DC law enforcement should stick with dance enforcement instead.

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