Friday, June 20, 2008

Pretty cool find

I was looking into the saga of Nye County District Attorney Robert Beckett getting picked up for DUI after crashing his car twice, when I came across a good article from 2005 on tyranny by none other than Ron Paul. It's on page four on the right. Here's some of the meat from the article:
Washington DC provides a vivid illustration of what our future might look like. Visitors to Capitol Hill encounter police barricades, metal detectors, paramilitary officers carrying fully automatic rifles, police dogs, IDchecks, and vehicle stops. The people are totally disarmed; only the police and criminals have guns. Surveillance cameras are everywhere, monitoring street activity, subway travel, parks, and federal buildings. There's not much evidence of an open society in Washington, DC, yet most folks do not complain-- anything goes if it's for government-provided safety and security.

That's getting more true by the minute, and it doesn't look like there's any end in sight.

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