Monday, June 30, 2008

The ban that should not be

What is happening to our country when there are people who set out to ban everything that could be potentially harmfull? This is a destructive mentality that will destroy the freedoms that we hold so dear. What ever happened to "your right to swing your arm stops where my nose begins?" The minds Americans are changing to where now it's "your right to swing your arm stops at precisely one third of the way between your right nipple and left nostril hole so as to not violate the Lumbar Torque Protection Act which bans random arm swinging to prevent back injuries."

Pansies! Why not just ban injury and death?

Take this moron for example. Denise Bryant of Stafford is proposing to ban swimming in the Rappahannock River because several people drown in it every year. Here's today's dose of severe stupid:

How many more people will drown before officials say enough's enough?

When something harms the population, we put measures into place to stop it. Sometimes those measures are expensive; however, we deem them necessary because they save lives.

Really? I thought we put measures in place to secure the blessings of liberty. Crazy me. Funny how I've swam in that river my whole life without nary a problem, just like tens of thousands of people do every year. Just to follow the logic though, let's just place a ban on swimming in the ocean too because one might drown there. Oh. We've done that.

What else have we banned to save us from ourselves? Trans-fats? In some places. Did you know there is an organization called The Campaign To Ban Partially Hydrogenated Oils? How about smoking? Halfway there! Cell phone use? Throwing your mortar board at graduation? T-shirts picturing a gun at airports? Window mounted air conditioners? Incandescent light bulbs? American Flag on T-shirts in highschool? They freaking tried! Hugging? The list goes on and on.

In light of this mentality, I have a sincere recommendation to nanny state politicians along with pompous soccer moms. Take your liberal, "progressive," banning-things-to-make-the-world-a-safer/better-place, flawed ideology and shove it way up your ass. Seriously. Find a better way to occupy your time "for the children," and leave the heavy thinking to more rational people.

Or just move to Russia. The politics there will suit your fancy.

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