Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday morning roundup

The 2007 Crime Report from Virginia is out. Crime is slightly down, but was that 411 people were killed by murder/nonnegligent manslaughter last year within a population of 7,078,515 for a murder rate of 5.33. DC on the other hand, for 2006 had 169 murder/nonnegligent manslaughters amongst a population of 581.530 for a murder rate of 29.06. Weird.

DC Mayor Fenty is letting the DC taxpayers foot the bill for his security detail.

Somehow people keep getting shot and killed in "Gun Free DC." Impossible, right?

Virginia's prison system is jacked up because of leasing cells to other states.

Fairfax police make a false arrest on a North Carolina gun owner who was open carrying in VA, and then harass him, drop his gun in the road, and then harass him when he went to get his gun back. Via VCDL.

Philip Miles to be released from Russian prison tomorrow. If you don't remember, he was sentenced to 3 years for trying to bring a box of rifle cartridges to a friend he was visiting.

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