Thursday, March 27, 2008

Knock, Knock...Who's There? Tyranny...Tyranny Who?

...Tyranny guns in there? HAHA I crack me up.

Anyways, a co-worker informed me of 107.7 FM 3WT talk radio where they throw softball questions at DC Mayor Adrien Fenty every week, so this morning I'm tuned in and sure enough they get him on the line to discuss the "Safe Homes Initiative" where the Metro Police Department is going door-to-door in search of guns in the possession of residents.

My past coverage on this is here.

Softball questions would be an understatement. They ask the Mayor if there are any Constitutional issues that he is concerned about with this sort of event and he starts talking about how everyone else is doing it and then dodges the question. He also can't give an answer to the question of what specifically the Metro Police are asking residents when they are at the door, and David Burd, Jessica Doyle and Victoria Jones let him get away with these non-answers completely unchallenged.

One thing he did say that I thought was interesting is
"I think the people are afraid of the guns in their neighborhood" - (not an exact quote, I was driving a car when he said it).

That's odd because I thought the DC residents were afraid of the gangs who were murdering citizens with guns, knives, fists, and other weapons. Do you think gang bangers and murderers are going to just let the police into their house? Maybe they will if they think the gun they murdered with is not traceable, then they can get amnesty.

DC thinks that criminals get around the gun ban because of "lax" gun laws in VA, and that is why they terrorize DC residents with violence and mayhem. If DC residents want to live in a lower crime area they need only to cross the Potomac River into VA where the crime rate is many times lower and guns can be legally bought, sold, and carried. DC is a violent city because it has an uncontrolled CRIMINAL problem, not because it is full of guns.

The real issue here is that Mayor Fenty believes that if they take guns away from those citizens that can be intimidated into allowing entry into their house then criminals, who will not let cops take the weapons of their trade, will cease being criminals. Taking away guns will not work. If he is only going to give amnesty to criminals and not do what it takes to lock them up forever then DC is going to stay the landmark capitol of violence in America.

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