Friday, March 21, 2008

How hospitable

The VCDL, which I am a proud member of, will be meeting for lunch in restaurants while openly carrying firearms on every Saturday in April in defiance of Virginia Senator Richard Saslaw.

They have been doing this for many years without a problem but some people have no idea what to do when free people exercise a right, so they do ridiculous things like:
The Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association is considering alerting restaurants so they won't be alarmed.

Or maybe you will alert them to make them alarmed? Is that your goal, to make the restaurants reject VCDL members?

Considering the organization fights against pro-gun bills such as the dreaded "guns in bars" and guns locked up in cars, I would have to say yes. Then I find it odd that your organization hails little old ladies who exercise "free enterprise" and walk out of restaurants because they allow smoking, and openly objects government intervention and regulation of smoking in restaurants and bars because it interferes with the business owners property rights, but then says:
"VHTA strongly believes that gun rights should not trump private property rights."
Are guns not property? Is it just because gun owners are not part of your organization? Why don't you let the restaurant owners decide for themselves who to allow or disallow into their establishment, and let "free enterprise" work unimpeded by your influence.

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