Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beware of new Terror Ammo! Movie Guns I

I watched the movie WAR last night which starred Jet Li and Jason Statham. I laughed almost the entire movie. The action and all that was pretty good, but the realism was seriously lacking.

I'm one of those geeks who picks out all of the innaccuracies in movies with guns, so imagine how hard I laughed when I heard this at the begining of the movie:
"..titanium shells, depleted uranium bullets; it was his signature..."
HAHAHA!! Hollywood has such an active imagination! My wife just rolled her eyes when I tried to tell her how stupid that was while I'm gasping for air. There was much more firearm tomfoolery throughout.

Here is a screenshot of the casing:
Ti 5.7x28mm case

Looks like a 5.7x28mm to me, and just in case you may have had any doubts that it was titanium:
Ti 5.7x28mm case head

There you have it! It's titanium alright, and it does appear to be a 5.7. Good thing they clarified that. The only problem is that these rounds are loaded into a Walther P99:
Walther P99

Jet Li's caracter picked up a magazine, which looks suspiciously like an FN FiveSeveN mag, and places one round in it for dramatic effect before taking a look at those depleted uranium beauties:
FN 57 mag

Notice that the top cartridge that he just loaded is not seated all the way. Well he shoves that FN FiveSeveN magazine right on into the Walther anyways, and then refrained from chambering a round. Safety first and all.

Also, what does one need depleted uranium rounds for? I mean this is pistol ammo, not 120mm for the main gun on a M1A1. According to the VPC, all 5.7x28mm rounds are the super deadly "armor piercing" spleen shredders, or does depleted uranium cause so much more damage to flesh? It sure as hell doesn't expand. Maybe the "teflon" fad has finally become boring to Hollywood and they needed a new hysterical hobby horse to ride. Or maybe the Yakusa have to worry about armored vehicles! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Still a pretty good movie, I'm just a stickler for firearm stuff.

Now let's watch for the VPC or the Brady Bunch pick up on this danger to our society and call for an immediate ban! No more Walther P99's that accept titanium ammo on our streets!


Anonymous said...

About the 5.7 magazine, I read somewhere that Walther created a special P99 with 5.7mm rounds specially for this movie.

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Anonymous said...

You father had a P99 in 5.7x28mm? Is he interested in a trade?

Anonymous said...

Jet Li's character was an assassin. He had a trade mark bullet as a calling card. just sayig.

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