Saturday, March 29, 2008

I thought it was gun free?

A 7 year old who was shot during a "gun battle" in DC is going to be fine. This event happened in spite of the "heightened" police presence and the door-to-door gun grabbing scheme, not to mention the outright gun ban.

Somehow I doubt that it was a gun battle with all of 50 words in the article, but it would seem like the media is reporting every shooting in the city. With the Heller decision hanging over the city, one would think that their intention is to sway the public opinion into a negative view.

Update: Here's another one. I think my theory of "victory by attrition" from the media has merit. There is nothing special about this shooting to draw anyone's attention. So many people get shot and killed in DC that it blows the mind and I think we will see every shooting in the news for the next few weeks, if not longer.

One would actually think that this tactic would not work considering it shows how ineffective the gun ban is.

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