Monday, March 24, 2008

Did they not see the sign?

Thugs shoot at unarmed students at a Florida University. I thought guns were prohibited in places of higher learning? Here's a shocker:

FAMU said those arrested include:

*Rashad Bell and Renaldo Bell, who were charged with possessing a firearm on school grounds and possessing a stolen firearm. They are not FAMU students.

*Benjamin Robinson, a Tallahassee Community College student charged with three counts of aggravated assault, possessing a firearm on school grounds, shooting into an occupied vehicle and possessing a weapon with an altered serial number.

*Antoine Willam, a FAMU student charged with possessing a weapon on school grounds.

Weird! Do you reckon they were members of the evil NRA?!?! Do you think they had concealed handgun licenses? They must have if they were carrying guns, I mean gun owning extremists are so brazen these days.

Don't they put up signs to prevent stuff like this?

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