Monday, March 31, 2008

Another anti-war movie

It seems Stop-Loss also falls on its face.

The movie is about the stop loss policy for extending the active duty contract of those serving in the military and how it affects Soldiers. Some erroneously think it applies only to the Army.

I suppose Hollywood thinks they're exposing some sort of military disservice or something, as if it really is a "back door draft" as the uninformed media calls it. Having been stop lossed two weeks before the end of my active duty contract and sent to war, I clearly understand the weight of the issue.

The troops who are surprised by stop loss are the ones who didn't read their service contract very well; you sign up for however much active service, usually four years, and then a time of inactive service, usually an additional four years. You can be called back into active service within that inactive time period.

I am pretty tired of the Hollywood and media "elite" types speaking of things of which they have no knowledge or understanding. Here's to hoping they loose every dollar they put into trash like this.


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