Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Does The Press Give Him a Pass

I just finished reading this piece linked to yahoo news this morning. I can't figure out why Freeman Klopott of The Examiner didn't reveal who Keith Washington was. The beginning of the article says:
"A furniture mover who narrowly survived being shot in the home of a high-ranking Prince George’s law enforcement official testified Wednesday that he played dead to save his life."

Then the story talks about Washington shooting two furniture movers in what his attorney says is self defense. It very well may be, but is Washington the "high-ranking Prince George's official?" I'm feeling like I'm being handled. Washington's name is linked to this story which says:
"The testimony of a mother whose son was shot and killed by a former Prince George's County homeland security official won't be allowed in court, a judge has ruled."
Ok, so he's a "homeland security official" but it still is vague on Washington's status as a law enforcement officer. I has to go to the Washington Post of all places to find his status:
"The men were shot by Cpl. Keith Washington, who is a police officer as well as a top homeland security official in Prince George's County, at Washington's home in Accokeek during what was supposed to have been a simple swap: one Marlo Furniture bedroom set for another."
Now we're getting somewhere. None of this is in the first two stories. You get little bits and pieces like; the 2 men were furniture movers, they were told to leave 6 year old daughters bedroom, White is a registered sex offender, etc. Basically the reader is getting manipulated.

Put the all of the fricken facts into the story and let me decide what I want. And stop hiding the fact that Washington is indeed a Corporal as a "top homeland security official in Prince George's county" who shot the two unarmed men delivering furniture to his house.

Simple facts folks. This is the type of journalism that just pisses me off and is the reason why I fact check every damn news story that I come across. You can't trust the news these days.

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