Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another School Shooting

Another scumbag shot up a school and then took his own life. It appears that he wounded 17 at the Nothern Illinois University, but fortunately there are no fatalities at this point. Three students are in serious condition. Pray for them, and scumbags family. No doubt they are suffering as well.

Update: 4 of the students died in the shooting, not including the gunman.

Update: Another student has died. What a shame.

Update: Gunman bought his guns legally. He bought a SigSauer on August of 2007, a High Point .380 in December of 2007, and the shotgun and a Glock 9mm in February of this year. It seems he had a FOID card from Illinois as well, so he was a legal beagle.

One thing that everyone is talking about is that he had mental health problems and was off his meds. Over at HuffPo, the village idiots are arguing for gun bans and such. I started commenting early on and stopped when there were almost 1,300 comments. I was trying to learn something about the mental health part and how medications help or hurt, but there are some very nasty arguements going on.

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