Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can't we all just get a Jong?

If you need further proof that the MSM is off the reservation than maybe you need to be medicated into a permanent coma. No, really.

CNN is one of two news agencies to go into a North Korean nuclear plant and they of course are experts at everything and see nothing to be afraid of! Perfect!
"For a nation President Bush labeled as part of the "axis of evil," it was not an impressive sight: a dilapidated concrete hulk, built with few resources back in the early 80s."

Translation: It's not as modern or technologically advanced as nuclear facilities in the US so we should all just hate Bush. So CNN takes a shot at Bush, big deal. Oh, there's more?

"And there are technicians from the U.S. Department of Energy on-site helping with all of this. It seems a far cry from the hostility conjured by the axis of evil."
What a well balanced thing for Cristiane Amanpour to say. Twice. Nope, no opinion or bias there folks.

Those CNN journalists must go through rigorous training in damn near everything to know about nuclear facilities. Funny though, I can't find anything saying that she knows what the hell she's talking about. Wikipedia has an interesting piece of information about our esteemed journalist:
Her emotional delivery from Sarajevo during the Siege of Sarajevo led some viewers and critics to question her professional objectivity, claiming that many of her reports were unjustified and in favour towards the Bosnians, to which she replied, "There are some situations one simply cannot be neutral about, because when you are neutral you are an accomplice. Objectivity doesn't mean treating all sides equally. It means giving each side a hearing."
Fair and balanced alright.

So then she's saying that this North Korean nuclear power plant is incapable of producing weapons grade uranium or plutonium right? Nope:

"But it did produce plutonium, enough to make a few bombs and to test-fire a nuclear weapon 18 months ago."

"And we even were shown the reprocessing plant where plutonium was extracted from the rods, plutonium that was used for nuclear weapons, the chief engineer admitted."

You know, pretty insignificant stuff. Just using this "dilapidated concreat hulk" to make and test nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Il just wants to be friends and snuggle and all because nothing says "do you want to hang out sometime" like telling your friends:

"We hope the situation will be resolved before an unfortunate incident of us firing a nuclear missile comes,"
Maybe we really are just overreacting to what we percieve as threats from North Korea but are really just big misunderstandings. That "Axis of Evil" thing must have caused all of this because North Korea has been such staunch supporters of peace and diplomacy.

I swear it seems like to get a degree in journalism these days you have to be born with a deep hatred for your country. Where do these people come from?

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