Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Play cops and robbers, do some time

This is pretty strange. 10 year old robs 6 year old of pokeman cards with either a "foam gun" as it's first called, or an "airsoft gun" as it's later called. An airsoft gun could hurt someone, the severity depends on who made it. Some of the airsoft guns you get at wal-mart are not that powerfull. Either way, this kid is in serious trouble for something that souds pretty trivial.

The fourth-grader has been suspended, school officials are considering whether to expel him.

Expeling him over this is pretty unreasonable. And check out some of the comments:

Lock up the kid AND lock up the lousy parents! The parents are just as responsible for raising a 10 year old sociopath.

Lock the kid up? Lock the parents up? Some people just fly off the handle with stuff like this.
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