Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Velcome to Amerika! Papier Bitte!

So Amtrack apparently thinks it's cool to just search passengers at random, all the while being watched by guys with automatic weapons. I think the terrorist threat thing has made people batshit crazy. Do they think that haji is going to charge the subway with all of his buddies, toting real AK-47's that cost $7,000 apiece, screaming some sort of arabic jibberish? Stop watching 24!

Are you supposed to "duck and cover" as some cop lets out a burst from his MP5 in a crowded train station? In the comments we have a fellow citizen who dribbles this bit:
"Its about time some heads up security is set in place. What took so long? We had our "A doubles" handed to us in '01, and Amtrak is now just getting around to it? I believe the national guard should have show of force posts throughout the US at public transit of all types. AND in uniform with an automatic weapon lock and loaded."
Stalin would be proud.

There is not a terrorist around every corner folks! I'm sure there are a few in this country planning something but turning America into a police state, if we're not already there, will not prevent anything. It may be OK in Briton, but they are not a free country.
Amtrak says you do have the right to refuse inspection, but if you do you won't be able to board the train and your ticket will be refunded. Fair enough. But what happens after you get your money back? I'm sure that bored guard with the firepower will just let you go on your way. I understand that they want to do something, but randomly searching bags sounds pretty stupid, not to mention the legal issues.

My real question is, why are we electing leaders who shovel hundreds of millions of dollars into this insane effort to turn every law enforcement officer into some sort of terrorist hunting ninja? How do you feel about "counterterrorist officers" riding on your train?
"In addition to the screening, counterterrorism officers with bomb-sniffing dogs will patrol platforms and walk through trains, and sometimes will ride the trains, officials said."
Hans and Klaus practice their latest terror chopping martial art and it will inevitably end up being used on some non-violent pothead because there are no terrorists to chop:

Now add Raiden and friends and you see where I'm going with this:

I think it's a clown show. Here's more:
"There is no new or different specific threat," Kummant said. "This is just the correct step to take."
Then why the change? Nobody wants another 9/11, but understand that this is a free country. We need to stop pissing away our rights by allowing aspiring Jack Bauer types on every corner.

Think I'm being foolish? The government doesn't want "paranoid" citizens to have guns because of a remote possibility that someone could get hurt, but because there is the remote chance that someone could get hurt they will arm guys with automatic rifles and let them search your bags, and if you refuse, you are "paranoid."

We're going off the deep end with this terror stuff, and allowing this behavior will lead somewhere that we don't want to go.
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