Monday, February 25, 2008

Fully Automotive Assault Weapons

I know street racing occurs frequently but I think this sort of thing is pretty rare. One thing is for sure, cameras are only going to move street races onto remote stretches of highway.
"Cameras will be installed along 10 roadways where drag racing is likely to occur, officials said, and they will be monitored 24 hours a day by the Department of Public Works for signs of racing so police can be deployed. Some cameras are already in place."
People in charge want to do something, anything, I guess. I don't see it making the slightest bit of difference regarding public safety, but you know it will raise taxes and cause way more traffic citations to help pay for the surveillance. Installing all of these cameras as a means of making people safe reminds me of "The Eye" in Lord of the Rings.

I thought this was the most interesting:
"Vehicle inspections will be used to help crack down on illegally modified cars, police said. Air patrols will monitor areas not covered by cruisers."
Where have we heard this kinda talk before? Regulations on dangerous automobiles to follow.
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