Monday, February 25, 2008

Gun free D.C.

In the progressive utopia of gun free D.C. there is a gang war going on. Those silly gangbangers don't understand that it's illegal to shoot it out in the streets. D.C. thinks gang warfare should look like this.
But have no fear folks! D.C. Assistant Chief Diane Groomes has the plan! From the video on the page:
"..we can come together, come up with an action plan, a strategic plan, to put the end to the violence. If the crews don't want to come you know we're going to try our best to figure out how we can pull them in to stop the violence."
Because, as we all know, diplomacy works great against criminals!

I've been trying to read the petitioners brief from D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty on the D.C. vs Heller case this weekend and I'm about 2/3's of the way done. Some interesting lines from the brief in regards to the ban that I thought was appropriate:
"the ultimate reso-lution of the problems of gun created crimes and gun created accidents . . . is the elimination of the avail-ability of handguns." Afternoon Council Sess. Tr. 3:22-24, May 18, 1976. The Council thus chose to "freez[e] the pistol . . . population within the District of Columbia."
"the bill reflects a legislative decision" that handguns "have no legitimate use in the purely urban environ-ment of the District of Columbia." PA112a.

Thugs disagree.

"D.C. Code § 22-4504(a). The licensing requirement, which en-ables the District to prevent felons and other danger-ous persons from keeping concealable weapons, is separate from the registration requirement applicable to all firearms."

How's that ban working for ya? D.C. is the capital of the supposed most powerfull nation in the world and the D.C. leaders want to sit down with teenage thugs and negotiate away the violence? Your kidding right? If the past D.C. leadership is any indication, this once great city is doomed.

Let's hope SCOTUS overturns D.C.'s victim zone so at least innocent civilians have a chance.

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