Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well, I never did get around to reloading yesterday

Instead, while I was at the grocery store around the corner buying raisins and gun magazines, I get the call from my wife warning me about the catastrophe in the man cave. The flimsy metal shelving holding all of my sorted brass gave way and spilled everything on the floor.

The picture doesn't do it justice.

I spent my reloading time picking through thousands of assorted brass cases and putting them lovingly back into their bins. Sucked to be me.

The engineer that designed the metal shelf should be shot for blatant stupidity. It's like the design he used to slide past his drunken high school shop teacher to graduate. Really. I inherited the blasted thing with the house, and moved it over against the cabinet so that I could put my brass up there. I did notice what a piss poor design it was from the gitgo, but a quick trip to Home Despot showed that metal shelving is all made from this stupid design. A ten year old kid with half a brain could make something better.

For now, it's zip tied together until I can find a sensible replacement. I would imagine that the engineer has probably already darwin'd himself out of this world considering his advanced stages of idiocy, but if he's still around I hope he catches a nasty cold or something. Maybe a screaming case of the shits. Scumbag.

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