Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Equipment Change Proposal

Taking into consideration that my career path does not allow me to save the world via smart engineering for the moment, I figured I would throw some ideas out there for y'all to pick over.

I don't want credit - just fix it!

Wireless internet routers.

Is it possible - you electrical engineers, I'm asking you - to make one that doesn't have to be manually reset twice a day just to maintain connectivity? I mean, do NASA guys have to send up an astronaut several times a week to push the reset button on a spy satellite with a stylus so we can keep eyes on Russia?

Didn't think so. Fix it.

Toilet seats. Yeah, I'm gonna go there.

How stupid do you have to be to screw up a toilet seat? Don't answer that, just know that you do. You gleefully advertise your $400 product being able to flush an entire wastebasket of golf balls with one delicate push of the brushed aluminum handle, and then put a pathetic plastic seat in the box? I know you guys think you're clever when you make the seat so that when it's lifted, it has to be like a millimeter past center to stay upright, but did it ever dawn on you that the little imperceptible swaying movements that guys make when they're pissing at 3 o'clock in the morning are enough to disrupt the seat's center line and make the damn thing fall down? It'd be nice to not have the seat cutting through my stream before banging down and waking up the wife. Also, perhaps the ladies would be thankful that they can actually put the fluffy carpet thingies back on.

Just a thought.

Please, for humanity's sake, the next time you're building something and think you're so smart, give a looksee at the little things so you don't screw them up.

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