Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home sweet home

We got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon, and have been coping with things as best we can. Having three kids under three is harder than I thought.

My older kids have met the new family member, and they are more or less coping with that. Times are tough. Nobody in my house is getting any sleep.

I am no stranger to sleep deprivation; it's an old friend of mine, and an integral part of being a Marine. With that said, a newborn is certainly capable of taking you to the ragged edge. Pacing around in the hospital with him, I finally got all wobbly, and had to take the little guy to the nursery because I didn't want to fall with him in my arms. If you believe what you see on TV, you would be under the impression that hospitals are places of rest. That's a silly notion. The hospital staff were all wonderful people, and I thank them for their devotion, but sleep enablers they are not.

I have no idea what is going on in the world at this moment in time, so I apologize for not posting on issues. I am home for awhile, so sooner or later I'm gonna have some good blogging time. The bright side of all the waking up every hour or so is that I am finally getting around to all those outdoor shows that I have TVoed. I was watching some American Guardian at 3 o'clock this morning with baby CTone. Tonight will be some Shooting Gallery with Michael Bane. Good times!

I'll be back in the saddle soon.


Justin said...

Congrats on the new addition, I feel your pain. My wife and I have six, and I can emphatically say that you are right in your reflections on three kids under three!

Enjoy, you are a rich person!


Unknown said...

Six kids! Holy smokes! You must be a tired man!

"Enjoy, you are a rich person!"

I never thought of it like that, but now that you mention it, I do feel rich. Thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

congrats CTone! I feel your pain as you know we welcomed another dragon-pup to the litter 2 weeks ago. Enjoy your at-home time, cause you'll be back at work soon.