Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gun law stuff in Virginia

One gun a month is going the way of the dodo. It's about time.

I give writers hell on this blog, but I want to give credit where it's due by noting that writer Jack Heinbaugh did well with this piece: specifically that he quoted Philip Van Cleave as saying that no other constitutional are limited like this, and then afterwords quoted former Virginia governor Douglas Wilder, a known douchebag, as whining about how many guns does someone need.

Well done, Mr. Heinbaugh. Thank you.

And shame on you, Mr. Wilder. I need as many guns as I strike a notion to buy; and I what I don't need is some elitist scumbag telling me what I can and cannot do.

Also, ClintK at The Sentinel has a run down on other Virginia gun laws being voted on today.

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