Monday, February 1, 2010

The Paranoid American

I link to this Hot Air post this morning because it really touched on how I feel. "What's a matter with you Americans?" Read it; it's spot on.

I can't speak for all Americans, but no doubt some are like me. I am naturally paranoid, and have a definite militant sort of nature. I am not at all a violent person; in fact, I am the type of person who is more than willing to give any sort of help to a stranger because I love my fellow man. I love human beings. I am drawn to serve for the good of others, at the expense of my own life if need be. And I am strongly skeptical of those who position themselves in places of authority or power and then claim that they are acting for the better of all. Most of the time they are selling snake oil.

Human beings will always have self interest in everything they do. That is not a flaw; people can still do selfless acts despite having that natural self interest. I believe that people who run for public office may very well want to help others - good intentions and all that - but the opportunity to advance their self interest goes starkly up with that power, and the road to hell I've heard is gorgeous.

I consider anyone who runs for any office to be a potential scumbag. By the very act of wanting that authority over others, as well intentioned as one may be, that individual has shown that they want to control others. Period. And at this point in my life, I am weary of people wanting to run my life for me; wanting to make my life better; wanting to take what is mine to make someone else's life better; wanting to take what is mine to advance science; wanting to take what is mine to save the whales, etc. I am weary of these intentions and I don't care about them. I don't trust you as far as I can through you, and I will not vote for you if you have ever passed a law, wanted to pass a law, or ever expressed or confessed a desire to pass a law that barred a human being from doing one thing, in the hopes of allowing another to do any other thing.

Unless you are in the business of passing laws that strip power from yourselves, or bar other public officials from meddling in the day to day affairs of Americans, than consider me opposed to your every move.

Yes, I understand that sending astronauts to the moon advances society, and that the money has to come from somewhere. I really do. But a dog can only stand to have so many fleas. You have had enough blood from me. So I'm telling you, leave my shit alone. I don't want to be a part of your vision of utopia. I am fully aware that people are starving all over the world; and if you tax 99% of every American's paycheck to buy them a sandwich, there will still be people starving all over the world. The same goes for the animals. Stop extorting my money to save the fucking dolphins, the whales, the desert tortoise, the chickens, and the polar bears: I Don't Care! They will die with or without the fruits of my labor, just like they have since the beginning of time.

When I was a kid, my parents taught me that if I took something away from someone against their will, no matter what kind of well intentioned ideas I may have, it was stealing. Taking from someone against their will = stealing. Got it. So when you take from me to give to another, it is against my will and it is stealing. Stealing! You got that! Virginia, are you listening? Governor McDonnell, are you listening? Mr. President, Congress, are y'all listening? I don't give one teensy weensy little tiny piece of shit about anything you are trying to give to me, or any other. It is not selfish. It is just reality. If you want to sit around all day conjuring up ways to stop people from doing shit, Fine. You can start by looking at ways to keep your hands to yourself, because I am not interested in any of your other ideas, and it looks like the vast majority of Americans feel the same way.

Jobs? Can y'all even create jobs? Of course you can't. You can either create the illusion that you're creating jobs, you can claim credit for creating jobs even though you didn't, or you can do us all a favor and get the fuck out of everyone's way and let them find jobs for themselves. Seems to me like y'all are the ones who caused this mess in the first place, at least in part, and you can definitely help the American people get back to work by just going home and watching some TV. Put your pen down, and go home.

I honestly can't imagine what good can come from people who go to work every single day with the intent to create a law with their name on it, just to stop someone from doing something. Why does Congress even work all day? Why can't they just meet once or twice a year, pass the budget, and then go home - just like they did to start with? When I hear some Congressman gloat about all the hard work their doing, I get really pissed off, because I know that they are ultimately working towards either stealing from Peter to give to Paul, or they are working on making some other facet of our lives illegal. If you think about it, they can't actually make something legal. Government can't give you liberties; they can only take them. So with their every day efforts, they work towards fucking you out of your liberty.

Just look at what has been done with Concealed Carry. Everyone I know smiles ear to ear when they get that paper card in the mail that says that they can carry a gun. I look at it with contempt. Why is it that people think that they can give me something I already own? A permit is not a liberty. It's not a freedom. It is exactly the opposite. Stimulus? You want to stimulate the economy? How about you give back the 30% of the labor that you forcefully take from everyone, and let them spend it on what they want. That way, it doesn't get wasted in the cogs of the most inefficient spending machine ever devised.

So from now on, you folk working on public office, just leave me out of your plans. If you must do something from day to day to draw a paycheck because you have no other skills, then work on dismantling this goat rope of statutes that you have created. Go on, there's plenty there to work on. Should keep you feeding at the public trough for centuries. Humanity will flourish when you scumbags finally move out of the way.

Update: Case in point. President Obama, you have no business meddling in this. You are Commander in Chief, not the head of college football; you were not hired for this. It is not your job. That you have focused even a moment of attention on this on public time means you are wasting the public's money which you do not have permission to use. Put your pen down and stay in your fucking lane!

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