Thursday, October 29, 2009

That's common sense violence prevention!

So a DC citizen is enjoying a drink at a bar, and a fight breaks out resulting in the citizen getting stabbed. Unfortunate? Yes, but how do you prevent scumbags from stabbing citizens in the future?

If you said "Shut down the bar!" then you need to either run for office in DC, or join the metro PD.

Seriously, who's side are these clueless bureaucrats on? This retarded way of "protecting the public" is so breathtakingly stupid it makes my head spin. Let's not protect DC residents by locking up violent scumbags, let's punish the bar owner.

Because banning dead end streets, bars, high school football, and pizza shops will surely do the trick this time.

There's no way that this is even legal. It can't be. Why oh why we stopped dragging morons like Lanier, Norton, and Graham out into the street for a good ol' fashioned tarring and feathering is the question of the day. It makes me wish they would do something not quite as destructive of society, like putting up crime cameras or something.


Anonymous said...

Not all of MPD approves of this bullshit....

Unknown said...

That is good to know. I'm of the belief that most adults actually care about their fellow man, and so most of my sniping is aimed at the upper tiers of leadership that represent the 1%.

I do not at all think that MPD is screwed up, just that they could use some politicos with some common sense.