Monday, October 5, 2009

Morally righteous DC citizen thwarts carjackers with a firearm

I blame the NRA for this senseless violence:

In Sunday's incident, the D.C. officer, whose name was not released, had just parked his vehicle on Brooks Drive about 6:20 a.m. As he got out, he was approached by two people, county police said.

One showed a gun and demanded the officer's keys. The officer got his service weapon and fired, police said. As the two people ran, one fired back, police said.

What?? He stood his ground and used a portable hand held device created only for killing masses of innocents to ward off highly trained and armed criminals?!?! And they fled?!?

That defies all logic! Someone could have been hurt; or even worse, they could have taken his gun from him and stole his car!! Why the officer didn't wip out his rat tailed comb and vomit is anyone's guess.

Me personally, anytime someone gets a little too close to my automobile I poop my britches, vomit, and then scream "Get away!!! I'm pregnant!!" while pointing to my crotch indicating my rampant STDs. Sure, you may laugh, but nobody. . .and I mean NOBODY. . .approaches too close to my car. Can't be too safe.

Update: More police recklessness; this time in Texas! Why the officer didn't just let the robber have what he wanted. And what was he thinking using a gun against him when he was holding a hostage? YOUR COMB!!! USE YOUR RAT TAILED COMB!!!
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