Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moron safe schools

Catch that title? Good; I'm clever like that.

Anyways, yesterday I posted about the six year old who was suspended from school with a recommendation for 45 days in a reform school (Phenomenal. Maybe they planned on strapping him in a chair, then taping his eyes open while he watched a flicker show running old Trinity test footage and bounding kittens, or some shit. One can only imagine.) for bringing a Cub Scout tool to his school.

Fortunately, the school board reversed this asinine punishment and dropped the whole thing. Unfortunately, there are still clueless moonbat educators in his school that are still willing and able to destroy a child over something as trivial as this:

Jennifer Jankowski, who runs the special education programs at Jennie Smith Elementary in Newark, said schools need to be vigilant about protecting students. If Zachary or another student had been hurt by the knife, she said, the district would have taken the blame.

"If we can't punish him, then what about kids that did bring (a weapon) for bad things?" Jankowski said. "There's more to the school's side than just us being mean and not taking this child's interests into account."

Hey, stupid! How exactly do you "protect students" by punishing them over the possession of an object? If a child brings or improvises something as weapon, and has intent to use it as a weapon, or attacks another student with a weapon, then the kid will still get punished. I don't see that that's in question.

What is in question is your sanity. What you're saying is that in order to justly punish one kid for actually committing violence, you have to have a history of proactively punishing every kid who crosses an arbitrary line that they're not even aware of regardless of their intent.

It is astounding to me that people focus so intently on the object instead of the person; as if the there is something inherently evil about a thing and the thing alone, with nothing at all to do with the mentality of the person controlling the thing.

A sharpened pencil in and of itself is not a weapon. It can become a weapon if the student uses it as such. A knife is not in and of itself a weapon, but the intent of the person controlling it can make it one.

Are educators really so irresponsible and/or stupid that they can't wield some discretion? "Too bad that we have to throw little Johnny out of school over that plastic knife; but, ya' know, the law is the law. It's out of our hands, see. It's The Law. -- The. Law."

It's ignorant teachers like Jankowski that are the reason why I won't send my kids to public school. If teachers are so focused on destroying kids over something that they should have a better grasp of, instead of what they're supposed to be teaching, then count me out.
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