Thursday, October 1, 2009

Enough of this "sniper" stuff!!

SNIPER!! It's a SNIPER!! OOOooooohh, look y'all, it's a SNIPER!!


I wish reporters like Stephanie Barish and Chris Glorioso weren't so childish. This business of calling any gunman or pellet gunman (remember who coined that term folks) a sniper makes me roll my eyes; even as I realize that all lowlife journalists use scare words to scare viewers into reading their trash.

Maybe it's because I respect the sniper profession and the few men and women who earn that title, or maybe it's because I admire accuracy and despise the disingenuous crap that is considered journalism these days, but man do I hate the SNIPER theme that emanates from the cesspool of big box news.

So do me a favor guys and grow the hell up. Stop insulting snipers with your silly fantasies of pellet gunman and broken glass.

With that said, shooting people with a BB gun is a serious crime that should land someone a healthy punishment. Even if they're teens, a slap on the wrist just won't cut it.
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