Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More on safe schools

Suspending six year olds for having a Cub Scout knife/fork/spoon tool is just a small price to pay for having outrageously awesome "Zero Tolerance" weapon laws in schools. Bureaucratic, bullshit weapon laws only catch the low hanging fruit.

Still feeling safe about having armed security at your school? Highly trained guardians of society are the Only Ones professional enough to be armed? Is this the guy you would want keeping you safe in school? Didn't think so.

A shiny thing on the shirt does not magically make someone competent to have a firearm.

Also, here is a blinding example of why the "guns in bars" argument is stupid. Scumbags are going to be armed regardless of signs or laws. They will be armed in bars, schools, or anywhere else they happen to be. Barring non-criminals who are not violent from carrying where alcohol is served is pointless, as there will still be criminals armed there.

(H/T The Agitator)

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