Monday, December 20, 2010

Worst weekend ever

The sickness attacked my household with full furious force this weekend, and I didn't get anything done. My wife took the most of it and was basically totally incapacitated. As I have a fantastic immune system, I was in the best shape, and had to keep the kids from burning the joint down for three days; they've been stuck inside for quite some time and are anxious to do something fun.

Feeling like you've been punched in the guts and beaten across the back with a bat makes you not want to take two toddlers and a baby for a stroll in the mall, which come to think of it is probably where we picked up this sickness to begin with. Pretty much happens every time we go there.

I did finally slip out of the house for an hour during nap time to test fire a few loads that I made up for the 308. Without that hour, I was going to detonate from stress.

It was cold, and the wind was very gusty. I tried to pin down exactly where an accuracy node was for a load using RL-15 that I've been playing with for awhile, but it didn't work out. I did however get wonderful results from my attempts to clone Federal Gold Medal Match; still with 42.5 grains of RL-15 under a 175 grain Sierra Match King in a FGMM case, but this time loaded .010" shorter. It made all the difference, with one group putting five into just over an inch with the wind spreading it horizontally, and the other five shot group going into .700" when I fired it during a lull in the wind.

It took me a few shots to get the Super Sniper scope sighted in, with one of my sighters maliciously aimed at small animated wildlife that ended up missing its mark, but perforating a pitchfork handle an inch to the right. I like being able to adjust the parallax. Good stuff.

Right now I am still suffering from the sickness, and will probably not be very prolific with blogging. Time will tell.


Nancy R. said...

Hope you all feel better soon. I'm finishing up a two week run of an upper respitory infection with an added bonus of ... conjunctivitus! I managed not to pass the pink eye on to the rest of the house, so that was a minor victory. I did, however, ruin the rest of my very expensive multi-focal contacts.

Unknown said...

There is a whole lot of sickness going around it sounds like. My youngest has pink eye in both eyes it looks like, and is at the doctors right now. My wife has some sort of respiratory issue, and all of my kids are running fevers! It's the end of the world I'm telling ya.