Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Technologically challenged

I took one look at the Edit Template page on Blogger and knew that it was too far over my head. I used one of their given templates, which still means that I'm uncool, but I wanted an updated look. That, and the way my old page was set up made it hard to read.

I'm really dumb when it comes to this sort of stuff. I only recently figured out how to "Follow" other blogs, or what it even means. And I still have no idea what the RSS feed thingy does. It's just there.

One day I will figure out how to make this blog look cool, but until then, I hope it's easier to read.


Dstarr said...

Join the club. My homepage is littered with appeals from the blogger folk to do this or that to jazz up my blog. But nary a clue as to what the gizmos do, how they work, what they mean.
Once, long time ago, I enabled commercial advertising on my blog. Couple a days later I started getting condom ads on my blog, which grossed me out. So I turned ads off and they are still off.
If you learn anything, post it on your blog.

Aaron said...

Agreed, I just started using the newer style blog editor on here, and it took me forever to format a page, they (blogger) informed me somewhere along the way that the "classic" editing platform would soon go bye bye, so I switched to the newer one, where you can drag pix instead of having to copy & paste html, and it's frustrating as hell. If you "preview" your new post with the new editing tool, it may look all out of whack if you try to underline, bold or italic anything or change fonts, so you go and meticulously try to clean it up...several posts later realizing that what it shows in your "preview post" looks nothing like what actually got posted. Some of this may be our lack of knowledge, learning etc. But I think a big part of the confusion here is simply that blogger is a tool that A) doesn't always work properly (like when I 'saved' a 2 hour article I wrote, only to see it disappear before my eyes)
and B) Blogspot/blogger never explains things very well.