Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Parenting success

Some creepy older man in a red truck pulled up next to my 12 year old nephew at the bus stop yesterday morning and explained to him that there was a two-hour school delay, and that my nephew should get into his truck where it was warm. This was in a remote location on a far out of town country road, not in a subdivision, and there was no such school delay. There was no other conversation, no monologuing about strangers and such, no questions asked; my nephew just turned on his heels and ran back into the house.

That's how to do it.

Turns out that a creepy older man in a red truck pulled the same type of stunt in an adjacent county the week before with similar results. Maybe there is hope for the next generation after all.

Still, my family is fresh out of emotion these days with all the hospital drama, so something like this tends to attract raw anger. My sister's advice to me this morning as we were watching for nephew's bus to come from the big bay window was that I could shoot through that window if I had to if creepy guy pulled up and tried to steal our flesh and blood. She had mentioned that it was getting close to the time when nephew had to walk outside and that she had to retrieve her pistol while we waited by the window. I told her not to bother as I had one for each of us at that moment in time.

Gotta love my family.

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Nancy R. said...

Fantastic. And you're a better man than I. I thiink I would have spent the rest of the day looking for red pick-ups.