Monday, December 6, 2010

Strong language

I note yet again that all it takes to get cash to pay the bills is to walk into a bank and demand money.

That banks will just hand it over without question based on the presumption of force, without seeing any sort of weapon, begs the question of why banks need vaults and tellers to begin with? Why not just have a wall of ATMs inside so that would-be robbers don't have anyone to rob? If Federal Reserve Notes are so valuable that they need armed guards to store them in massive steel vaults, why is it that it's so easy to just demand it at the counter with some tough talk?

Sure, anyone crazy enough to suggest that they have a gun and will shoot you if you don't hand over the loot may be able to back up their claim, and tellers aren't going to wait around and get shot over some baseless paper, but my question still stands: why even have people in banks anymore to begin with?

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