Thursday, December 16, 2010

School Board shootout

Here's the video footage taken from the room where it went down.

It was apparent that the shooter was not using live ammunition. Also, he fired the gun once or twice towards the ground accidentally. An armed man in the building killed him dead, which is odd considering the video says that the gunman took his own life. If you go to this link, there's the same footage from another angle, but towards the end the video feed locks up and you can only hear what's going on. I count a total of fifteen shots fired.

There's a lady that tries to fight back by hitting the gunman with a purse. I think her efforts would have been more effective if she had pulled a J-frame from that purse and put a 125 grain hollowpoint right through his twisted mind.

I have heard that the scumbag had a lengthy criminal record, as we already anticipate these days.

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